Mrs Watson's class at Eastrington school, East Yorkshire

This class photo shows Mrs Watson's class in the main hall of the 'new' (ie. the present) school. Both Bryan Clark and the former Gillian Brownbridge have contacted me and we believe that the picture dates from 1978/9. We have identified the following:

Top Row: Mrs Joan Watson, Shaun Fisher, Paul Creaser, Jonathan Bovil, Stephen Graham, Bryan Clark, Peter Blower, Billy Malcolmson

Middle Row: Christopher Wheelwright, Aaron Daubney, Judith Hall, Amanda Wilson, Gillian Cooke, Gillian Hall, Stephen Kitchen, ?

Bottom Row: Ellen Clyne, Georgina Townsley, Heidi Wriggleworth, Beverley Higgs, Sarah Martinson, Suzanne Evans, Gillian Brownbridge, Sandra Coates, Marie Cunningham

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