Howdenshire History

1914 Street Directory for Howden, East Yorkshire

The following alphabetical list of Howden residents is taken from the 1914 Goole Times Almanack. This almanack was published every year and copies survive from 1911 to 1940. Unfortunately, house numbers are not included in the earlier volumes. However, the almanacks are invaluable for those tracing their Howden family history and genealogy in the twentieth century. They are also useful for anyone researching the history and occupants of their house in Howden.

I own copies of the other volumes and have access to a large quantity of other information on the town of Howden and other Yorkshire towns and villages. Please see the research pages for further details.


Name Address
Rose Abbey St Helen's Square
W Abbey Pinfold St
F M Agar North Eastern station
Mary Akitt Parson Lane
J Anderson Station Road
W Anderson Bridgegate
J Andrew Hailgate
Jane Andrew Hailgate
T Andrew Market Place
R Anson Flatgate
A Armstrong Market Place
T Armstrong Pinfold St
W Armstrong Bridgegate
J M Askham Hailgate
L Asquith Market Place
F Avery Kensington Gardens
F Barnes Brickyard
J B Backhouse Buttfield lane
H S Bailey Knedlington rd
W Bailey Highbridge
W G Bailey Market Place
L A Bailey Hailgate
J Bancroft Flatgate
R W Bancroft Flatgate
R Barker Bridgegate
T H W Barker Flatgate
H B Barlow Bridgegate
C O Bastow Market Place
G Batty Flatgate
W Batty Brind
J Batty Flatgate
Elizabeth Bayston Pinfold St
Elizabeth Beal Hailgate
J W Beevers Pinfold St
W Bell Flatgate
Emma Bellwood Hailgate
E Bentley Northolmby St
J W Bentley Highbridge
R F Beverley Brickyard
A Birks Hailgate
W H Blackburn Parson Lane
A Blakey St John St
C Bland Hailgate
J W Blyth Howdendyke Rd
Charlotte Bond Hailgate
Mary Bovill Pinfold St
J Braham Hailgate
C Braithwaite Knedlington Rd
T Braithwaite Bridgegate
H Bramley Market Place
J H Briggs Hailgate
Emma Briggs Hailgate
R Briggs Hailgate
J Briskham Hailgate
J Brown Pinfold St
R B Brown Hailgate
R Bruines Howdendyke Rd
W Brunyee Groves Farm
J T Buckle Marsh End
T W Burwell Hailgate
Eliza Buttle Pinfold St
J W Buttle Bridgegate
Rev P Callier Hailgate
T Calvert Pinfold St
C F W Camp Treeton
Elizabeth Camp Marsh End
J W Camp Hailgate
H Carr Hailgate
G Cawkill Treeton
Rev T Charters Flatgate
Sarah Cheeseborough Pinfold St
W Clark Hailgate
C W Coates Northolmby St
W Coles Bridgegate
J Coggrave Hailgate
Mary Coggrave Hailgate
J Collins Marsh End
P Coumy Pinfold St
M Conner Northolmby St
W Connor Northolmby St
Lavinia Constable Hailgate
Hannah M Cook Hailgate
Laura Cook St John St
S Cook Thorpe Hall
T Cook Station Rd
Eliza Credland St John St
Jane Cunningham Treeton
W Curtiss Flatgate
T T Dealtry Market Place
M Dickenson Station Rd
J Dransfield Hailgate
W Dransfield Parson Lane
J Draycott Market Place
B Drury St Helen's Square
E Drury Bridgegate
T Drury Hailgate
G Drury Hailgate
W Drury Pinfold St
W Durham Bridgegate
A E Eastwood Bridgegate
Elizabeth Eccles Hailgate
A Eden Market Place
Jane Ellerker Flatgate
J Elliott Knedlington Rd
W Elliott Hailgate
W W Eyre Kensington Gardens
Maria Faulkner Bridgegate
C Fenwick Hailgate
E Fenwick Marsh End
A B Fitch Bridgegate
Alice E Fitch Bridgegate
Elizabeth Fitch Hailgate
H Fitch Market Place
W R Fitch Flatgate
Helena Forrest Knedlington Rd
A Foster Pinfold St
D Foster Bridgegate
Elizabeth Foster Hailgate
G Foster Pinfold St
J Foster St John St
J Foster Bridgegate
R Foster Hailgate
W Foster Hailgate
H Frank Hailgate
G Gamwell Station Rd
T Gamwell Northolmby St
T Gee Flatgate
J Glew Bridgegate
W Glew St John St
WC Goodwin Blacksmith's Arms
R Goose Hailgate
C Goulden Hailgate
E Goundrill Highbridge
G H Gray Kensington gardens
Hannah M Gray Hailgate
H Grayburn Bridgegate
Angelina Greason Britannia Inn
G W Green Parks Farm
H Green Hailgate
T W Green Hailgate
W Green St John St
A Griffin Hailgate
A Haigh St John St
J Hair Cross Keys inn
H Hall Flatgate
J C Hall California
R Hardgrave Station Rd
H Hardwick Northolmby St
Jane Harrison Churchside
Marion L Harrison Bridgegate
T B Harrison Bridgegate
J Healey Pinfold St
W Hemingway Kensington Gardens
H Hinsley Hailgate
H Hill Hailgate
A Hodgson Bridgegate
H Hodgson Hewson Lane
J Hodgson Northomby St
G Holgate Pinfold St
J W Holliday Flatgate
Fanny Holmes Hailgate
F H Holroyd Market Place
W Horsnell Hailgate
G Howden Marsh End
P Howden Pinfold St
J E Howdle Market Place
Sarah Howdle Highbridge
W B Howdle Hailgate
M Hutchinson Bishopgate
J Ibbetson Pinfold St
W S Ibbetson Hailgate
C Ingham Pinfold St
W J Ingham Pinfold St
J T Jacklin Hailgate
Annie Jackson Marsh End
Elizabeth Jackson Hailgate
H Jackson Northolmby St
J G Jackson Pinfold St
W E Jackson Kensington Gardens
B Jarred Marsh End
J C Jenkinson Market Place
W Jipson Market Place
C Johnson St John St
Charlotte Johnson Hailgate
H Johnson Hailgate
J H Johnson Hailgate
R P Jones Pinfold St
J P Joy Flatgate
J Joy Hailgate
W T Joy St John St
T E Kay jnr Newfields
T E Kay snr Flatfields
A Kellington Northolmby St
Rev P Kennedy Buttfield Lane
P A Kettlewell Manor House
S Kettlewell The Oaklands
C Kennerley Hailgate
H Kilham Highbridge
J Kirby Flatgate
R B Kirby Owlett Hall
W Kirby Buttfield Lane
A Knaggs Hull & Barnsley station
A S Lacy Northolmby St
Jane Lake Pinfold St
R Langhorn Hailgate
Jane Langhorne Flatgate
J H Langstaff Bishopgate
W Laskey Marsh End
J Laws Hailgate
H Lawes Flatgate
G Lawton Flatgate
E Leaf Howden Lodge
J Leaf Bridgegate
C Lee Marsh End
C Leeman Hailgate
W T Levitt Pinfold St
G E B Lindley Market Place
J Lucas Hailgate
F Lumby Northolmby St
C C Marshall Brickyard
A W Marsden Station Rd
W T Marsden Northolmby St
J Mason Flatgate
W T Mason Hailgate
H Matthews Bowman's Hotel
H Matthews Station Rd
T Matthews Flatgate
W Matthews Marsh End
W McKenzie Hailgate
F Mell Hailgate
H Mickleborough Hewson Lane
F Middlebrook Hailgate
H Mitchell Churchside
W Mitchell Hailgate
A Moore Hailgate
D Moore Hailgate
F Moore Bridgegate
F Moore St John St
J G Moore Station Rd
J T Moore Hailgate
H H Moore Hailgate
R Moore Flatgate
Tabitha Moore Market Place
T Moorfoot Flatgate
A Morfit Bridgegate
H Morfit Flatgate
Jean Morris Hailgate
Ann Morritt Northolmby St
F Morritt Hailgate
J Morritt Bellcross
T Morritt Marsh End
J Mudd Pinfold St
E Murphy Bridgegate
J Neile Flatgate
T W Neville St Helen's Sq
Ann Newham Kensington Gdns
H Newham St John St
J Newham Station Rd
G S Newman Northolmby St
J W Newman Hailgate
L Nicholson Bridgegate
M Nutbrown Vicar Lane
Mary Nutt Market Place
G O'Connell Hailgate
H Otley Hailgate
A Oldham Northolmby St
J Oliver Bridgegate
I Osbourne Yarmshaw Lane
Mary Padget Station Rd
A Page Pinfold St
Fanny Pancke Hailgate
F Pattison Hailgate
T Peam Station Rd
F Phillips Flatgate
F Platt Hailgate
Elizabeth Plows Pinfold St
F Powls Bridgegate
T Powles Marsh End
W Pearce Hailgate
H Prickett Market Place
W Prince Northolmby St
W Proctor Flatgate
F Proctor Sleights
E Pullan Flatgate
W Purdon Sleights
Elizabeth Ramsden Pinfold St
R Ransom Hailgate
A Rhodes Churchside
G W Rhodes Pinfold St
I Rhodes Northolmby St
Sarah Rhodes Bridgegate
W Richardson St Helen's Square
Elizabeth Richmond Pinfold St
A Ringrose Selby Rd
F Ringrose Hailgate
G Rippon Pinfold St
R Robertson Hailgate
D Robinson Station Rd
T Robinson Howdendyke
T Robinson Highbridge
W L Rowntree Northolmby St
Mary Rutter Northolmby St
S Rutter Flatgate
T Saltmarshe Hailgate
T W Savage Hailgate
G Savill Knedlington Rd
J Scarrow Hailgate
J W Scarr Bridgegate
T H Scarr Hailgate
W Scott Hailgate
J Sellars Hailgate
W J Scruton Flatfields
G H Shaw Hailgate
G H Shaw Flatgate
N Shaw Bridgegate
T Shaw Pinfold St
W Shaw Marsh End
J Sheppard Howden Station
E Sheppard Pinfold St
R Sheppard Hailgate
J Sheppard Hailgate
J Sherburn Station Rd
T Sherburn Buttfield Lane
A Sherbourne Flatgate
G Sherbourne Pinfold St
H Sherbourne Hailgate
Annie E Shipley Flatgate
Annie M Shirbon Hailgate
J Shirbon Hailgate
J Simms Bridgegate
J Simpson Flatgate
R Slack King William IV Inn
A R Smith Bridgegate
B Smith Flatgate
E W Smith Hailgate
Rev. F T Smith Bridgegate
H Smith Bridgegate
H Smith Parson Lane
J Smith Northolmby St
Mary Smith Station Hotel
R Smith Vicar Lane
W Smith Market Place
A Snarr St Helen's Square
Eliza Snarr Hailgate
G Snarr Half Moon Hotel
G Snowden St Helen's Square
J G Speed St John St
H H Spink Howdendyke Rd
F Spivey Highbridge
J Spivey Bridgegate
Jane Spivey Bridgegate
T F Spivey Highbridge
W Spivey Churchside
Mary Stagno Pinfold St
W Stelling Northolmby St
W Stelling Hailgate
I Stephenson Royal Oak Inn
G Stevens Whin Common
T W Stockill Station Rd
F Sunderland Vicar Lane
R Sunderland Market Place
Gertrude Swallow Pinfold St
P Swallow Black Bull Hotel
F Sweeting Bridgegate
W Sweeting Market Place
Margaret Tabrah Market Place
F Taylor Pinfold St
J Thirkettle Flatgate
J G Thirkettle Flatgate
R P Thirkettle Flatgate
A Thomas Flatgate
E A Thompson Hailgate
J Thompson Station Rd
Mary Thompson Northolmby St
R Throssel Hailgate
R Tiplady Marsh End
Mary E Tomlinson Market Place
W Tomlinson Bridgegate
A E Turner Hailgate
C Turner Treeton
W Udwin Hailgate
J Underwood Barnhill Hall
Clara Usher Hailgate
F Vollans Buttfield Lane
H G Wallace Market Place
J W Walker Hailgate
W F Walton Sleights
E Ward Hailgate
W Ward Market Place
J Warner Hailgate
G Waterhouse Pinfold St
T Waterhouse Hailgate
E Watson Hailgate
R Watson Bridgegate
S Watson Hailgate
J W Webster Hailgate
A S Welford Gasworks
P Welsh Pinfold St
F White Churchside
J White Bridgegate
J D Wilde Station Rd
W L Wilde Market Place
Ann Wilkinson Northolmby St
C Wilkinson Market Place
Elizabeth Wilkinson The Hall
F Willingham Flatgate
Eliza Wilson Hailgate
J Wilson Howdendyke
Mary Wilson Hailgate
R Wilson Bridgegate
T Wilson Bishopgate
Mary A Wraith Hailgate
J Wright Hailgate
T Wright Hailgate
C Yates Flatgate
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