Howdenshire History

Research Charges

You set the budget you want

You stay fully in control of your research budget at all times - there are no hidden expenses.

After you contact us, we will then carry out a brief initial search for your family in order to see how easy or difficult they will be to trace.

On completion of this initial search, we will report back to you and we can then agree upon a research budget of how much you would like to spend. Our rate is £20.00 per hour, plus any additional expenses incurred along the way such as ordering birth, marriage and death certificates, and we ask for 2 hours' work as a minimum.

You can choose to spend as much or as little as you wish on your family history research. You will receive regular updates during the course of your research project, so that you can evaluate and direct the work as you desire. If you wish us to continue with further research after your initial budget has been spent, we can then agree on an additional number of hours' work - this way you can pay for and control your research in stages, and can stop at any time.


Research guidelines

Every family is unique, and some are more difficult to trace than others, depending on the availability of records. However, below are some rough guidelines as to the typical costs involved in researching a family tree, which may help you decide upon an initial research budget.

Tracing one family line (eg. your father's surname) back to around 1800 will typically cost around £150.

Tracing all family lines back as far as possible (ie. four grandparents, eight great-grandparents and so on) will typically cost around £500 - £600.


What will you get?

Upon completion of your family history research project, you will receive a genealogy presentation pack which includes:

  • A full genealogy research report, including sources

  • Any documentation acquired during the course of the research, eg. birth, marriage & death certificates, census extracts

  • Optional PDF copies of your report and family tree for your own distribution


Optional extra: Your own personalised family story

Once your research is complete, we offer the additional option of presenting your family's story in narrative format as an attractive, professionally-bound book. We can bring your ancestors to life - from the places they lived to the jobs they did - all set against the fascinating backdrop of the past.

Your family story can include old photographs of the locations where your ancestors lived, and can also incorporate your own family photographs and memories if you wish. As many copies as you like may be printed; a professionally-bound, personalised family story makes a wonderful heirloom to share with children and grandchildren.

The normal hourly rate of £20.00 applies to this option. As a guideline, writing a full family story for all family lines will typically cost between £250-£300. Of course, less time will be required if only certain family lines have been investigated. We will be able to provide a more accurate quote upon consultation for your individual project.


Stand-alone research commissions

If you would prefer to commision our research services on a one-off basis - perhaps to help with a particular 'brick wall' which is stopping your own research from proceeding, or to search the local Yorkshire archives for a particular ancestor - then we are happy to help. Our rates are £20.00 per hour and we ask for a minimum of 2 hours' work. Your research report and results can then be sent to you either as attachments via email or as a hard copy via post.


Quick look-up service

We also offer a quick look-up service, using sources which we have easily to hand. We have been contacted by many people who have a particular query about a local family or individual. For example - were they buried in a local cemetery? Is there a gravestone? Were they baptised locally? Were they mentioned in the local newspapers?

We have a wealth of sources and many local indexes to baptisms, burials, monumental inscriptions and newspaper reports. These cover local East Yorkshire villages and the town of Goole.

Please contact us with details of your look-up query. We will then check our records and send you the results (with digital images of sources as appropriate) via email on receipt of a one-off payment of £10.00. No result - no fee.


How to pay

We accept accept payment via PayPal, which is a secure and fast method of transferring money online. Please use the email address provided on the contact details page.

Alternatively, payment by cheque is also accepted. Please enquire for address details.

Research will start once the cheque has cleared or payment has been received.

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