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Goole, a pictorial history Vol. 4

By Susan Butler. Paperback, published November 2011. Cover illustration: Richard Cooper Street - Coronation party, 1953.

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Back Cover Text

"This is the story of life in Goole told by those who were there. Read about growing up in Poets Corner, about living at the brewery in North Street and about eating 'fat yak' on local farms.

"Read memories of when a plane crashed on Dunhill Road, about the tragic events of the day Jackson Street was bombed and when a schoolboy lost his life at The Peacock.

"The book contains over 80 old photographs of schoolchildren, footballers, drama productions, processions, long-gone streets and shops.

"Do you remember what Ouse Street, the Crown and the old Steam Packet looked like? Or Alexandra Street School, Timms' Mill, the Baths Hall and Hackforth's? Were you at the Richard Cooper Street party in 1953?

"Did you know about the hundreds of Canadian vehicles assembled in Goole during the war, about Chant tankers welded by Goole women at the shipyard and about the ARP post at the end of Clifton Gardens?

"This is the fourth book by local historian Susan Butler on the pictorial history of Goole."



"Goole, a pictorial history Vol. 4" continues the story of Goole which I have looked at in the three previous volumes.

Roughly speaking, the book covers Goole in the late 1930s and 1940s. However, as the three previous volumes are not now easily available (some come up occasionally on eBay) I have not restricted myself too closely to those dates and the book stands alone as a guide to some of Goole's earlier history as well.

Below you can find an overview of the contents of "Goole, a pictorial history Vol. 4" including a brief summary of each section.


  • Introduction - picture montage of Goole before the war - including the opening of Ocean Lock, the Goole Amateurs' production of Sally in 1932, Hedley Verity visiting Goole and Harry Boom's shop.
  • Goole Grammar School - an aerial picture of the school showing the air raid shelters. Also two pictures of staff and 6th form pupils in 1940.
  • Goole Secondary Modern School - a picture of the staff in the 1960s and a picture of the school.
  • Memories of life in Poets Corner - memories by both Alf Fox and Harry Devenish of growing up in the streets collectively known as Poets Corner (Tennyson Street, Spenser Street, Gray Street, Byron Street and Milton Street). Pictures of Boothferry Road, Laura Street, the sea scouts and Milton Street from behind Timms' Mill.
  • Timms’ Mill - a summary of the early mill history and a lovely old picture of the mill.
  • Aeroplane crash near Boothferry Road School - old photo and details of the war time crash of a Hampden bomber on Dunhill Road, next to the school.
  • ARP post on Centenary Road - old picture of a group of ARP wardens outside their post.
  • Memories of Goole bombing - accounts of the bombing of Goole in August 1942 with two pictures taken that day.
  • The Baths Hall - a nostalgic picture of the Goole Baths Hall where so many events from dinners and dances to discos and skiffle band competitions took place.
  • Shorts of Pasture Road - pictures of the Short family and their shop and information about the bottling plant on First Avenue. Also a picture of the Hill family of Swinefleet who built farm carts.
  • Pasture Road - two pictures of early Pasture Road and the shops.
  • Goole Times memories - information about the early Goole Times and the memories of Ernest Butler who worked there, working his way up from apprentice reporter to editor. Pictures of the Goole Times building, the staff, of Boothferry Road and of the Amateurs' production of Pink String and Sealing Wax!
  • Alexandra Street School - a picture of the school where so many Goole children were educated.
  • Wellington bombers crash on Carlisle Street - two previously unseen contemporary pictures of the scene in Carlisle Street the morning after the crash in 1943.
  • Memories of North Street and the brewery - pictures of Bamforth's shop and North Street, including the old brewery house and what was later Eastons' builders' yard. Memories of the brewery by John Turner, who lived there as a boy.
  • Goole market and the Hopley family - an old photo of the front of Goole market showing Hopleys' stall and that of Anthony White.
  • Aire Street and the Statute Hirings - old pictures of Aire Street, The Sydney and the old Steam Packet with an account of the Goole Statute hirings by Gilbert Barley.
  • Ouse Street shops and pubs - old pictures of Ouse Street, The Crown and of the bakery premises of T K Willson.
  • The Lowther Hotel - an old picture of Aire Street and The Lowther and information about its use in wartime.
  • An aerial view of demolished streets - taken in the late 1960s, showing the cleared site where Ouse Street and George Street stood.
  • Coronation Street POW camp - an aerial picture showing the POW huts off Mariners Street as well as a picture of the keys being presented to Mrs Gilding, the tenant of the first new house in Chiltern Road.
  • Lep during the war - old photos of Lep premises in South Street and the old Adelphi off Hook Road. Information about the war work carried out there, assembling and salvaging military vehicles.
  • Hook Road tank - a picture of the old First World war tank which stood on Hook Road and the story of one man who crossed the Ouse on a tank at Westfield Banks.
  • Goole shipyard and the Normandy landings - a picture of female shipyard workers, a brief account of their work, a picture of the SS Yokefleet in 1944, a picture of shipyard workers leaving work in Swinefleet Road and a picture of the launch of the ship Grebbestroom.
  • The dock fire of 1947- an impressive night time picture and account of the Goole dock fire of 1947.
  • Richard Cooper Street in 1953 - two pictures of the street party held to celebrate the Queen's Coronation with as many people as possible named (also on the front cover).
  • Goole Town football team 1947 - a named team picture taken at the beginning of the 1947-48 season.


As the book is a pictorial history of Goole, the main content is the photographs. I have included over 80 old photographs of Goole. Many of these can be seen on the old photos section of this website, in low resolution.

I am also grateful to have been able to use many memories of Goole people to help me tell the story of the town, including those of Alf Fox, Harry Devenish, Albert Holmes, John Turner, Marie Watson, Ernest Butler and Gilbert Barley.


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If you live locally, 'Goole, a pictorial history Vol. 4' is available to buy from Chappelows' newsagents in Goole and Howden and also from California Gardens, Howden. The cost per book is £7.95.

If you prefer to send payment through the post, I also accept Sterling cheques made out to Susan Butler. Please contact me to obtain my postal address. Prices are:


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If you would like to order a copy of this book but do not live in the UK, US, Canada or Australia, it's not a problem - please contact me to inquire for specific postage details.





Goole, a pictorial history Vol. 3

By Susan Butler

Paperback, ISBN 1 900503 00 2. Published 1997.

Cover illustration: Market place and the clock tower on a wet afternoon in the 1930s.


book 'Goole, a pictorial history, vol 3' by Susan Butler
Back cover text: This third volume of Goole's history covers the time between the two world wars. Beginning with the dedication of the town's war memorial, the book looks at the celebration of the centenary in 1926 and the visit of Prince George in 1933.

It also describes the three terrible tragedies that hit the town with the losses of the Goole ships - the Merville, the Calder and the Broomfleet.

But a large part of the book is about memories - of life on the docks and life in the kitchen - as well as memories of the shops and the people in the twenties and thirties.

Do you remember Hackforth's and the Bon Marche, Scutt's tripe stall and Icecream Mary? What about Ted Newell's band, the old Steam Packet and the Mariners' Street recreation ground? Or were you in the Goole Town team which won the West Riding County Cup in April 1930?

This is a book about Goole people; their tragedies, their celebrations and their everyday life.


Unfortunately this book is currently out of print.





Goole, a pictorial history Vol. 2

By Susan Butler

Paperback, ISBN 1 900503 00 1. Published 1996.

Cover illustration: Goole tug no.3 of the Goole and Hull Steam Towing Company. She was built in 1899 at South Shields and was 75 feet long and 56 tons.


book 'Goole, a pictorial history, vol 2' by Susan Butler
Back cover text: There are not many families in Goole who have not had some connection with the docks, the shipping companies and the waterways. When a Goole ship was lost the whole town mourned.

This second volume of Goole, a pictorial history tells the story of the change from sail to steam. It tells of the rise of the Goole Steam Shipping Company, of Bennetts' Red Cross Line, of the Goole captains and their adventures. There are photographs of many of the ships and of the docks.

But this is not just a book about ships. It concentrates on the time up to the First World War when the coal trade was flourishing and Goole was prosperous. There are pictures of Boothferry Road, of Pasture Road, of Bridge Street and of Greenawn Corner.

It was a time of chapel and church building and there are the stories of Carlisle Terrace, of the United Free Methodists and of St. Paul's.

And there are the people: the schoolchildren, the football teams and the characters of those years such as Goole's grand old man, Benjamin Andrews and C.J. Forth, first headmaster of the Grammar School.

Do you remember Branson Bowles, Crappers and Shipleys' post office - they are all here.

And did you know that 450 Goole men were killed in the First World War? Their names are listed in this book.


Unfortunately this book is currently out of print.





Goole, a pictorial history Vol. 1

By Susan Butler

Paperback, ISBN 1 900503 00 X. Published 1995.

Cover illustration: 'The Middle Lock, Goole, February 1862' from Views of Goole and Neighbourhood


book 'Goole, a pictorial history vol 1' by Susan Butler
Back cover text: Goole is a tightly-knit community and many of its present-day inhabitants are descended from families who have lived in the town since the early days of the nineteenth century.

This book tells the story of their Goole - its people and its buildings - by using photographs and memories.

It is the first volume of a series and so concentrates on the time up to the First World War. There are pictures of early Aire Street and Boothferry Road shops; of Goole's first rugby club and Goole Town juniors; of geese grazing in Victoria Street; of sailing ships in the docks, and of the Cape of Good Hope.

Find out why the Riot Act was once read in Goole, what it was like to have your ears pierced in the Theatre Royal and who Montagu Street and Dunhill Road were named after.

You will see, too, a picture of Goole's first doctor, who sailed on a whaling ship before coming to Goole and fighting one of the most severe cholera epidemics in Yorkshire, of Old Goole's first Post Office, and of the fire which destroyed the town's original market hall.

But above all this book will bring back memories - of the Balloon Yeast shop in Aire Street; of Hopleys', Hackforths', Shorts' and Glews'; of the Empress and the Equity and of gathering bluebells in Cobblers' Wood.


Unfortunately this book is currently out of print.

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