Howdenshire History

1828 census of Goole, Yorkshire

In 1828 the Aire and Calder Navigation Company who had built and owned most of 'New Goole' took a census of the families living in their new town. It was probably made by James Hewitt Hodson, the company agent, who appears first on the list. The head of the household was listed as well as the numbers of males and females in the household. In some cases the address was given and sometimes the occupation. 1033 people lived then in New Goole. A census of Old Goole was made in 1827 but we only know from it that 584 people were then living there.

I have further information on some of these names and families - please contact me and I will be happy to share details.


James H Hodson
Joseph Boyes
Joseph Hudson
Thomas Raby
Duncan Dallas
Thomas Shirtcliffe
Richard Duckles
Richard Moody
Christopher Hansley
James Sneyd
Hannah Duckles
John Hayes
John Chapel
Charles Macbeth
William Calvert
Thos Walker [miller]
John Spilman [miller]
Thomas Davis
Jos Ibbotson
Frances Metcalf
William Dodsworth
Thomas Jackson
John Jackson
Frances Pratt
Banks’ Terrace
Thomas Robinson
John Nettleton
William Eden Cass
William Lister
Wm Clay
John Dails
East Parade
James Bromley
John Lister
Thomas Bromley
Robert Bromley
Thomas Scott
Charles Rhodes
William Gibb
James Sheppard
Adam Street
James Moore
William Charlton
Thomas Billinton
John Dobson
James Watkinson
James Maude
John ?Simm
Simon Hamer
Ouse Street
William Kelsay
John Dickinson
John Dearman
John Sykes
George Fletcher
Francis Drake
William Tasker
Joseph Pickersgill
John Kaye
Joseph Smith
Thomas Watson
Charles Singleton
Joseph Farey
Stephen Nelson
Thomas Bailey
James Carr
William Greenfield
Samuel Simpson
John Short
Thomas Vivian
James Drury
John Walker
Thomas Sheffield
George Woodall
Mary Kelsey
Christopher Clark
John Powell
Richard Shaw
Thomas Ervitt
John Bramham
John Coulson
Samuel Watkinson
Thomas Rafton
Benjamin Gill
Joseph Kennedy
John Coward
James Davey
John Tall
William Tasker
John Fillingham
William Collier
John Bertram
William Gardham
George Street
James Adams
John Elliot
James Armstrong
Charles Marsdon
John Langston
George Newsam
John Cressey
Samuel Redman
Samuel Clayton
George Platt
Nathaniel Chaplin
John Sharp
John Allison
William Cook
Thomas Thompson
Robert Bradley
John Hinchliff
Edward Powell
Edward Stubbs
John Johnson
George Corner
John Stones
James Whitlaw
Thomas Spink
Moses Porden
William Stow
Thomas Ramsker
Mary Greenfield
Thomas Duckles
Daniel ?Guerson
Thomas Webster
George Thwaites
John Shirtwell
John Young
Robert Nicol
John Bell
Samuel Hunter
William Easton
William Ward
John Fowler
William Dobson
Matthew Whitlam
John Wardrobe
George Smith
Thomas West
Elizabeth Wilson
Francis Goodand
Thomas Wood
Robert Marshall
John Robinson
John Luddington
John Audas
John Tinson
William Wright
Charles Keld
James Pybers
Cross Street
Samuel Dibb
Aire Street
Robert Chattam
William Barnes
Robert ?Suntham
Joseph Windle
William Johnson
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