Howdenshire History

1901 census for Eastrington, East Yorkshire


Civil parish of Belby

1. Belby

Name Surname Age Marital Status Relation to head Occupation Where born County born
John Brown 65 M head farmer Woaby Lincolnshire
Elizabeth Brown 60 M wife   Horsham Lincolnshire
Charles Brown 24 S son farmer's son Featherstone Yorkshire
Frank Brown 23 S son do do do
Ellen Brown 26 S dau farmer's dau do do
David Clark 18 S servant carter Hillam Yorkshire
Robert J Morley 9 S g/son   Goole Yorkshire

2. Belby Cottage

Edly Brown 35 M head ag. lab. Morley Yorkshire
Rebecca Brown 33 M wife   Farlesthorp Lincolnshire
Emily Brown 8 S dau   Belby Yorkshire
Ann E Brown 6 S dau   do do
Leonard Brown 3 S son   do do
Percy L Brown 4m   son   do do

3. Belby

George Wilson 74 M head farmer at home Selby Yorkshire
Ann Wilson 72 M wife   Howden do
Mary Stephenson 70 S visitor   Howden do

4. Lumby Lane (entry crossed out as should be in Thorpe)

Robert J Hopkinson 41 M head railway plate layer Bridlington Yorkshire
Eliza Hopkinson 43 M wife   do do
George Hutchinson 19 S stepson   Hull do
Robina Hopkinson 17 S dau   Newport do
Hilda Hopkinson 12 S dau   do do
Maud Hopkinson 9 S dau   do do
Horace Hopkinson 4 S son   do do
Fred Hopkinson 2 S son   Howden do

Lumby's Cottage. This uninhabited cottage belongs to Eastrington civil parish.

End of civil parish of Belby


5. formerly Bay Horse Inn

Jane Kemp 64 W head (widow) farmer Belby Yorkshire
Hannah Holey 23 S niece help Eastrington do
Lilian Holey 18 S niece do do do
George E Scutt 6 S nephew   Duncoats do
James Thompson 20 S servant ag. horse man Newport do
John Laverack 14 S servant do Balkholme do

6. New Fields

Jane Scruton 59 W head (widow) farmer Balkholme Yorkshire
Richard Scruton 35 S son   New Fields do
Jane A Scruton 22 S dau domestic do do
Gertrude Scruton 14 S dau   do do
Harry Scruton 9 S g/son   do do
Joseph Laverack 53 S boarder foreman Balkholme do
Edward Scruton 1 S g/son (twins)   Sandholme do
Albert Scruton 1 S g/son   Sandholme do

7. Nova Scotia

William Kay 30 M head farmer Howden Yorkshire
Mary A Kay 23 M wife   do do
Arthur E Kay 1 S son   Eastrington do
Olive C Kay 1m S dau   do do
Clara Snarr 21 S visitor gen. serv. Howden do

8. Saltmarshe Grange

Robert Brown 43 M head farm bailiff Barnard Castle Durham
Jane Brown 35 M wife   do do
Joseph W Brown 10 S son   do do
George E Brown 8 S son   do do
Alice Brown 7 S dau   do do
Barbra Brown 2 S dau   Howden Yorkshire
Emma Moore 71 W visitor   Halifax do
Harry Levitt 17 S servant horse man Broomfleet do
John G Sweeting 18 S servant do Aberford do
Joseph H Huckler (?) 20 S servant cattleman Gambingby (?) Cambridge
Ann E Hall 23 S servant gen. servant East Ferry Lincolnshire


Civil parish of Portington with Caville

9. Burland House

George Milner 55 M head farm bailiff Burn Yorkshire
Ellin Milner 55 M wife   Ellerton do
Thomas Green 23 S servant horseman Bubwith do
John Spriggs 16 S servant do Scunthorpe do

10. Burland Cottage

Benjamin Osburn 32 M head ag. lab. Yokefleet Yorkshire
Edith A Osburn 24 M wife   Caville do
Ernest B Osburn 3 S son   Caville do
Maud A Osburn 1 S dau   Yokefleet do

11. Caville Hall

Henry W Bell 44 M head farmer Caville Yorkshire
Emily T Bell 40 M wife   Blacktoft do
Francis H do 9 S son   Caville do
Arthur G do 7 S son   do do
Edmond T do 5 S son   do do
Annie T do 3 S dau   do do
Martha E Hudson 18 S govn. governess nurse Goole do
Annie E Tasker 20 S servant housemaid Hook do
Mary H Turpin 18 S servant gen. serv. Eastrington do

12. Caville Cottage

William F Cowling 32 M head farm foreman Adlingfleet Yorkshire
Alice do 35 M wife   Burringham Lincolnshire
Emma do 10 S dau   Swinefleet Yorkshire
James W do 7 S son   do do
Maria do 5 S dau   Portington do
Beatrice A do 3 S dau   do do
Maurice do 2m S son   Caville do
Edith A Hill 20 S visitor   Gainsborough Lincolnshire
Parkin Cowling 19 S boarder horseman Neep House Lincolnshire
Herbert Cowling 16 S boarder do do do
John Booth 14 S boarder do Goole Yorkshire
John E Hopkinson 15 S boarder do Newport Yorkshire
Fred Ward 17 S boarder beast man Gilberdyke do

13. Caville Cottage

John W Buttle 55 M head farm lab. Everingham Yorkshire
Emma do 38 M wife   Sandholme do
Walter H do 14 S son   Eastrington do
Harold R do 13 S son   do do
Dora J do 10 S dau   do do
Mary A do 5 S dau   do do
George W do 2 S son   do do

14. Caville Cottage

Charles Collins 52 M head yard man (cattle) Burn Yorkshire
Hope do 53 M wife   Blacktoft do
Ada do 12 S dau   Caville do
Thomas A do 10 S son   Caville do
Walter do 7 S son   do do

15. Portington Hall

John V Frost 75 M head market gardener York Yorkshire
Maria Frost 76 M wife   do do
Norah Ingoldby 18 S servant gen. servant Bramley do

16. Cottage

Walter Platts 24 W widower market garden worker Howden Yorkshire
Sarah E Crust 26 S visitor housekeeper Driffield do

17. Grove Farm

George Watson 42 M head horse keeper on farm Broughton Yorkshire
Catherine do 36 M wife   Skelton do
Frank do 10 S son   Castleford do

18. Grove Farm

William Smith 28 M head foreman on farm Wybirton Lincolnshire
Annie Smith 24 M wife   Eastrington Yorkshire

19. Portington

William Poppleton 42 M head farm foreman Naburn Yorkshire
Alice do 43 M wife   N. Duffield (?) do
William H do 18 S son wagoner on farm Tadcaster do
John J do 14 S son hay boy on farm do do
Alfred do 12 S son   Riccall do
Mary do 11 S dau   do do
Margaret do 9 S dau   do do
Joseph do 7 S son   Thirsk do
Herbert Broader 15 S servant plough boy Eastrington do
Joseph Joy 14 S servant yard boy Broomfleet do

20. Portington

John Davinson (?) 25 M head carter on farm Great Ayton Yorkshire
Emma do 26 M wife   Gilberdyke do
Daisy do 11m S dau   Howden do


William Corney 36 M head yard man on farm Osgodby Yorkshire
Mary A do 35 M wife   Selby do
Charles do 13 S son   Ledstone do
Thomas W do 11 S son   Allwoodly do
Harry do 9 S son   Cliffe do


Fred Tipping 24 M head groom domestic Eastrington Yorkshire
Ellen do 24 M wife   Cotness do
William G do 2 S son   do do
Mary do 69 W mother   Sandholme do


Henry Heatherington 24 M head hind and farm worker Staddlethorpe Yorkshire
Mabel A do 23 M wife   Leeds do
Brook Newby 21 S boarder foreman on farm Hambleton do
Edward Jackson 18 S boarder wagoner Wistow do
Arthur Corney 14 S boarder do Ledstone do
Fred Beacock 24 S boarder ag. lab. Howstan (?) Lincolnshire

24. Portington Grange

Thomas P Brearley 34 M head farmer Batley Yorkshire
Lucy do 37 M wife   Howden do
Alfred Fitch 18 S boarder farm pupil do do
Nellie Ramsey 24 S servant cook domestic do do
Annie Wildman 19 S servant housemaid do do

End of civil parish of Portington with Caville


Civil parish of Eastrington

25. Eastrington NE station

Thomas A Atkinson 43 M head station master Gateforth Yorkshire
Eliza do 45 M wife   Goole do
Thomas C do 5 S son   Eastrington do
Robert do 3 S son   do do
Dorothy do 1 S dau   do do

26. Eastrington station

George Teale 28 M head platelayer NE railway Seaton Ross Yorkshire
Elizabeth M do 25 M wife   Guisborough do
Robert H do 5 S son   Gilberdyke do
Emma G do 4 S dau   do do
John W do 2 S son   do do
Julia M do 5 mo S dau   do do

27. Eastrington station

John M Matkin 51 M head railway signalman Grove Hill Yorkshire
Sarah do 40 M wife   Whitton Lincolnshire
Mary E do 9 S dau   Bridlington Yorkshire
Laura G do 7 S dau   do do
James C do 4 S son   do do
Kate W do 2 S dau   do do

28. Eastrington station

Matthew Wilson 47 M head railway signalman Birdsall Yorkshire
Mary J do 50 M wife   Lazenby do
Gertrude do 20 S dau   Burton Agnes do
Eva do 13 S dau   Eastrington do
Bertha do 10 S dau   do do

29. Filbert Grove (3 rooms)

William Sweeting 28 M head railway platelayer Howden Yorkshire
Christiana do 26 M wife   Methley do
William do 2 S son   Howden do

30. Eastrington brickyard

Thomas G Flint 31 M head brick manufacturer Kilnwick Percy Yorkshire
Ellen E do 26 M wife   Ellerker do

31. Brickyard

John T Voakes 30 M head ag. lab. Newport Yorkshire
Eliza A do 38 M wife   Market Weighton do

32. Brickyard

Edward Lund 30 M head railway platelayer Bielby Yorkshire
Harriet do 21 M wife   Wigginton do
Jessie do 4 S dau   York do
Allice do 2 S dau   Hull do
William do 1 S son   Hull do

33. Brickyard

Randal Winter 40 M head labourer on farm York Yorkshire
Emma do 31 M wife   Casalain Norfolk
Emma do 1 S dau   Charlton Kent
George Jury 7 S stepson   Casalain Norfolk

34. Brickyard

James Stork 36 M head NER signalman N Dalton Yorkshire
Emily do 28 M wife   Garton do
Ernest E do 3 S son   Eastrington do
James B do 11m S son   Burland do

35. Howden Road

Thomas Fox 22 M head railway porter Barmby Yorkshire
Elizabeth do 24 M wife   Dinniner(?) croft do


Robert Laverack 44 M head market garden labourer Balkholme Yorkshire
Eliza do 42 M wife   Broomfleet do
Annie do 11 S dau   Balkholme do
Alice do 9 S dau   do do
Albert do 6 S son   Eastrington do
Ernest do 2 S son   do do


William Hodgson 44 M head plate layer Hull Yorkshire
Annie do 43 M wife   Laxton do
Herbert do 20 S son butcher (own account) Cottingham do
Emma do 14 S dau   Eastrington do
Fred do 11 S son   do do
Myrtle do 9 S dau   do do
Gladys do 7 S dau   do do
Olive do 3 S dau   do do
Norah do 5m S dau   do do


David Sherburn 65 M head bricklayer Eastrington Yorkshire
Elizabeth do 55 M wife   Holme on Spalding Moor do


Eliza Ramsey 57 W head monthly nurse (sick) Bubwith Yorkshire
Lizzie do 25 S dau dressmaker Howden do


Jane E Wood 39 W head music teacher Eastrington Yorkshire
John W do 12 S son   do do

41. Post Office

Charles Hoggard 53 M head sub postmaster Kilham Yorkshire
Annie E do 34 M wife   Holme on Spalding Moor do
Percy K do 20 S son railway porter do do
George C do 14 S son pupil teacher Riccall do
Bernard do 12   son   do do
Maud L do 10   dau   Bubwith do
Wilfred do 8   son   Eastrington do
Elsie A do 6   dau   do do
Sidney do 3   son   do do
Cecil do 1   son   do do


George Proctor 33 M head railway plate layer Hull Yorkshire
Elizabeth do 30 M wife   Skelton do
Florence do 7   dau   Airmyn do
William do 5   son   do do
John J do 3   son   do do

43. (3 rooms)

John Grebby 24 M head horseman on farm Howden Yorkshire
M E do 21 M wife   do do
Ann do 3   dau   Eastrington do
Elenor do 11m   dau   do do


William Proctor 61 M head railway plate layer Asselby Yorkshire
Henrietta do 60 M wife   Goole do


Edwin Grebby 50 M head farmer Willoughby Lincolnshire
Anne do 54 M wife   Wressle Yorkshire
Edwin do 21 S son dealer in oil(?) Howden do
Walter do 18 S son worker on farm do do

46. (3 rooms)

William Nurse 68 S head ag. lab. Eastrington Yorkshire
Robert do 46 S brother do do do


John Scutt 78 M head farmer Broomfleet Yorkshire
Susannah do 65 M wife   Butterwick Lincolnshire
George Illoss (?) 80 W servant worker on farm Corringham (?) do
Mary E Smith 18 S servant general servant domestic Goole Yorkshire
Alfred Rowe 28 S servant ag. horse man Pulham Market Norfolk
Charles Collins 18 S servant do Caville Yorkshire
George Nunn 16 S servant do Gilberdyke do


Bentley Hill 63 M head tailor & draper Gilberdyke Yorkshire
Elizabeth do 66 M wife   Eastrington do


Robert Clark 41 M head joiner Worksop Nottingham
Lucy do 26 M wife   Eastrington Yorkshire
William do 13 S son   do do
Robert do 3   son   do do
Catherine do 2   dau   do do
Norah Fenton 20 S visitor general servant domestic do do
Percy do 17 S apprent. joiner's apprentice do do


Thomas Cocker 50 M head ag. lab. Eastrington Yorkshire
Eliza A do 44 M wife   Holme on Spalding Moor do
William do 13 S son   Eastrington do


Thomas Fenton 65 W head traction engine driver Wressle Yorkshire
George do 43 S son (lame from childhood) Laxton do


Charles Parker 46 M head railway plate layer East Linton Yorkshire
Eliza do 47 M wife   Eastrington do
Wesley do 11 S son   do do
Lilly do 6   dau   do do
Herbert do 5   son   do do


William Pashley 38 W head market gardener worker Eastrington Yorkshire
Ethel M W do 10   dau   Hull do
William W do 8   son   Portington do

54. (2 rooms)

John White 61 W head farm labourer Belnelbey (?) Staffordshire

55. Vicar Lane

William Chantry 60 M head general labourer Belton Lincolnshire
Emma do 50 M wife   do do
Mary G do 9 S dau   do do
Elsie H do 7   dau   do do


Albert Tipping 29 M head horseman on farm Eastrington Yorkshire
Harriet do 27 M wife   Goole do
Albert G do 6 S son   Eastrington do
William H do 2   son   do do
George do 2m   son   do do


Mary J Smith 36 W head living on own means Eastrington Yorkshire
Robert H do 6 S son   Portington do
Sydney H do 13   son market gardener worker Eastrington do
Beatrice H do 12   dau   do do


Hannah Cox 72 S head working on land Portington Yorkshire
Jane do 61 S sister do do do


George Drury 60 M head cater for self (own account) Hemingbrough Yorkshire
Ellen do 34 M wife   Hull do
Francis J do 7   son   Marfleet do
George Beecham 73 S lodger market gardener worker Wyberton do


William Waddington 54 M head ag. lab. Goole Yorkshire
Hannah do 54 M wife   Portington do


Sarah Collins 59 S head dressmaker (own account) Eastrington Yorkshire

62. Vicarage

Thomas F Minshull 39 M head vicar Castle Bromwich Warwickshire
Bertha M do 30 M wife   London Middlesex
Michael J W do 1   son   Eastrington Yorkshire
Ellen L do 41 S sister living on own means Aston Warwickshire


John Wrightson 48 M head ag. lab. Church Fenton Yorkshire
Matilda do 47 M wife   Balkholme do
William H do 13 S son   Eastrington do
Lily J do 11   dau   do do
Fred do 7   son   do do
Blanch do 4   dau   do do
Charles Hall 5(?) S boarder ag. lab. Barkworth Lincolnshire

64. (3 rooms)

John S Proctor 64 M head market gardener lab. Eastrington Yorkshire
Elizabeth do 58 M wife   Leeds do

65. (3 rooms)

Hannah Gibson 58 W head charwoman Eastrington Yorkshire
George Pickering 40 S boarder labourer on farm Sherburn do


William Parker 53 M head ag. lab. Blyton Lincolnshire
Ann G do 53 M wife   N Shields Northumberland


Thomas Dyson 43 M head ag. lab. Portington Yorkshire
Elizabeth do 46 M wife   Spaldington do
Emma do 11 S dau   Eastrington do
Tom G do 9   son   do do


William Barrow 67 W head tailor & shop keeper Market Weighton Yorkshire
Stephen W do 28 S son agricultural labourer Eastrington do
Christiana do 22 S dau housekeeper do do
Alfred G do 20 S son agricultural labourer do do

69. Portington Road

Martha Connell 64 S head workwoman agricultural Eastrington Yorkshire


Mary Thornton 83 W head coffee house keeper (own account) Eastrington Yorkshire
Sarah J do 53 S dau waitress Newport do
John Parsons 55 S lodger market gardener's labourer NK Lincolnshire
John Cambridge 66 S lodger do NK Cambridge


Mary Holt 75 W head   Doncaster Yorkshire


John W Dennis 25 M head railway plate layer Bishopsoil Yorkshire
Emily do 26 M wife   Knottingley do
Robert do 2m   son   Eastrington do


Angelina Burn 72 W head shopkeeper grocer Leeds Yorkshire
Dorothy Tippson 4 S boarder   Howden do


John Harrison 43 M head agricultural labourer Laxton Yorkshire
Annie do 39 M wife   New Fields do
Edith do 12   dau   Eastrington do
Sarah do 10   dau   do do
Annie do 8   dau   do do
Beth do 5   dau   do do

75. (2 rooms)

Ann Wood 77 S head agricultural workwoman Belby Yorkshire


Amos Howden 29 M head railway signalman Breighton Yorkshire
Emma J do 32 M wife   Gilberdyke do
Alice Mosley 36 S sist.-in-law general servant domestic do do
Hannah do 73 W m-in-law   Sandhall do
Tom G do 29 S nephew railway plate layer Eastrington do
Mary George 14 S niece   Goole do
Arthur S Howden 5 S son   Eastrington do
Clarence P do 4m   son   do do


Benjamin Dennison 45 M head railway signalman Micklefield Yorkshire
Hannah M do 44 M wife   Spaldington do
Gwendoline do 17 S dau   Leeds do
Ann do 16 S dau pupil teacher Spaldington do
Mary G do 13   dau   Eastrington do
Thomas G do 11   son   do do
John M do 7   son   do do


Thomas Poulter 67 M head farmer Hopperton Yorkshire
Rebecca Quinn 29 W dau bricklayer's widow Flaxby do
Thomas W Poulter 27 S son farmer's son do do
Thomas E Welsh 4   g/son   Denaby do
John Quinn 20 S visitor bricklayer (own account) Newport do

79. (2 rooms)

Mary Hopper 83 W head parish relief Ellerton Yorkshire


Benjamin Brooks 72 M head agricultural labourer Eastrington Yorkshire
Elizabeth do 60 M wife   York do
Robert do 37 S son ag. lab. Eastrington do


Kelita Ward 78 W head market gardener (own account) Eastrington Yorkshire
Ida A Smith 13 S servant general servant domestic do do

82. Hull & Barnsley station

Darling Watson 53 M head station master Thirkleby Yorkshire
Hannah do 60 M wife   do do

83. School House

William Walker 28 M head school master Crigglestone Yorkshire
Sophia do 28 M wife   Roystone do
Mabel do 5   dau   Masbro' do
Vera do 2   dau   Sharlston do
Winifred do 1   dau   do do


Henry Shaw 80 M head farmer Swanland Yorkshire
Ann do 84 M wife   Drewton do
Ann Drury 18 S servant general domestic Hemingbrough do

85. Cobble Lane

George Reed 55 M head agricultural labourer Goxhill Lincolnshire
Mary A do 64 M wife   Balkholme Yorkshire
Emily do 21 S dau dressmaker (own account) Belby do
George H J do 1   g/son   Eastrington do
Thomas Hill 41 S boarder agricultural labourer Balkholme do


Jane Maples 63 W head agricultural workwoman Reedness Yorkshire

87. Portington Road

Thomas Brooks 69 W head roadman labourer Portington Yorkshire
Emma Hill 6(?)8 S housekeep. housekeeper domestic Cottingham do


William Marshall 51 M head ag. horseman on farm Laxton Yorkshire
Lucy do 41 M wife   Hemingbrough do
Herbert do 19 S son ag. horseman on farm do do
Thomas do 13 S son   Portington do
Lilliano do 11   dau   do do
Wilfred do 10   son   do do
Ellen do 7   dau   do do
Elsie do 6   dau   Eastrington do
Arthur do 4   son   do do
Eveline do 2   dau   do do
Frank do 5m   son   do do

89. (3 rooms)

Arthur Tipping 16 S head railway porter Eastrington Yorkshire

90. Eastrington Church Side

Thomas Nurse 48 M head joiner (own account at home) Eastrington Yorkshire
Anna do 48 M wife   Hive do
Robert do 19 S son joiner's son Eastrington do
Elizabeth A do 14 S dau   do do
Emma I do 12   dau   do do
Mabel H do 10   dau   do do
Tom W do 7   son   do do
William C do 5   son   do do


William Robinson 52 M head market gardener lab. Holme on Spalding Moor Yorkshire
Mary J do 50 M wife   Leeds do
Edith Tipping 8 S bringing up   Eastrington do


Harry Jackson 60 M head innkeeper Sutton Yorkshire
Annie do 55 M wife   Rainswell do
Annie Duding 13 S servant general servant domestic Howden do


Sarah Anilay 86 W head living on own means Ousefleet Yorkshire
Agnes Drury 84 W sister do do do


Katherine Dudley 40 W head certificated teacher Derby Derbyshire
Winifred A do 12 S dau   Eastrington Yorkshire
John A do 8   son   do do
William G do 5   son   do do


Thomas W Holmes 48 M head market gardener (own account) Eastrington Yorkshire
Mary do 47 M wife   Leeds do
Mary do 25 S dau   Eastrington do
Thomas do 23 S son butcher do do
George do 22 S son do do do
Iris do 13 S dau   do do
Harry do 11   son   do do
Beatrice M do 9   dau   do do
Herbert do 6   son   do do


John G Mays 42 M head blacksmith Faxfleet Yorkshire
Mary E do 39 M wife   Seaton Ross do
Herbert do 19 S son blacksmith worker Kirkella do
John E do 18 S son do do do
William do 14 S son (10 year spinal disease) Eastrington do
Charlotte do 9   dau   do do
Frances M do 7   dau   do do
Florence Hanks (?) 14 S servant general servant domestic Goole do


Joseph Driffill 58 M head blacksmith & innkeeper Laxton Yorkshire
Ann E do 60 M wife pub Newport do
Lydia Brunton 53 S boarder servant domestic Hunslet do


George Lilley 43 M head butcher Eastrington Yorkshire
Anne Elizabeth do 42 M wife   Howden do
Elizabeth do 14 S dau   Eastrington do
Ted do 12   son   do do
George do 10   son   do do
Harry do 7   son   do do
Annie do 6 S dau   do do
Beatrice do 1   dau   do do
Joseph Lilley 38 S boarder market gardener worker do do
Thomas H Hoggard 23 S servant butcher Hunmanby do


Edmund S Flint 37 M head grocer shopkeeper Skidby Yorkshire
Martha A do 34 M wife   Sunderland Durham
Frederick do 9 S son   Queensland Australia
Elsie M do 5   dau   do do
Edmund J do 2   son   do do
Martha Hodge 68 W m-in-law living on own means Jarrow Durham


George Jipson 51 M head farmer & grocer shopkeeper Newport Yorkshire
Mary do 49 M wife grocer Eastrington do
Thomas H do 28 S son market gardener (worker) do do
Annie G do 24 S dau dressmaker (own account) do do
Arthur do 21 S son railway porter do do
Hannah M do 18 S dau   do do
Sydney do 15 S son   do do

101. Station Road

George Broader 45 M head railway plate layer Spaldington Yorkshire
Grace do 47 M wife   Holme on Spalding Moor do
Harry do 12   son   Eastrington do
John R do 10   son   do do
Elsie do 7   dau   do do


Margaret Nurse 80 S head independent means Eastrington Yorkshire
Lilly Johnson 42 M boarder do Howden do
Fred do 14 S nephew   London Middlesex


John Ward 60 M head dealer general (shop) Sunk Island Yorkshire
Fanny do 58 M wife   do do


Thomas Weal (?) 62 M head police pensioner   Scotland
Mary A do 62 M wife     do


Benjamin Atkinson 54 M head farmer Bishopsoil Yorkshire
Fannie E do 54 M wife   Tealby Lincolnshire
Eliza do 18 S dau   Leeds Yorkshire
George Watson 13   servant general farm servant Swinefleet do


Joseph Cocker 40 S head plate layer Howden Yorkshire
Esther Starson 37 S servant domestic servant Driffield do


Thomas H Hammond 30 M head police constable ERC Beverley Yorkshire
Annie do 28 M wife   Southburn do
William do 1   son   Dunswell do


George Smith 48 M head farmer Ellerton Yorkshire
Alice do 49 M wife   Escrick do
John W do 23 S son farmer's son East Cottingwith do
Roseanne do 19 S dau   Leconfield Parks do
Ernest Johnson 17 S servant horseman on farm Skelton do


Tom Bruines 38 M head postman Spaldington Yorkshire
Emma do 39 M wife   Laxton do
Tom G do 9 S son   Eastrington do
Robert P do 7 S son   do do
Fred do 4 S son   do do
John Lapish 16 S boarder railway porter Asselby do


James R Wright 39 M head railway signalman Camblesforth Yorkshire
Eliza do 40 M wife   Gowdall do
Doris do 14   dau   Carlton do
Jack do 12   son   do do
Olive do 10   dau   do do
Varley do 8   son   Eastrington do
George do 6   son   do do
Amy do 4   dau   do do
May do 3   dau   do do
Walter do 9m   son   do do

111. Mill House

Frederick Hawcroft 29 M head farmer Newport Yorkshire
Mary do 30 M wife   do do
Albert do 1   son   do do

112. Hull & Barnsley Cottage

William M Turpin 52 M head railway plate layer Wressle Yorkshire
Emma do 42 M wife   Sheffield do
Bertha do 12   dau   Eastrington do
Henry do 8   son   do do

113. H&B Cottage

Arthur Young 36 M head H&B plate layer Rye Hill Yorkshire
Jane A do 35 M wife   Broomfleet do
John H do 10   son   Eastrington do
Arthur do 7   son   Hive Crossing do
Percy do 6   son   do do
George do 5   son   do do
Herbert do 3   son   do do

114. Sandholme Road. New Farm

George H Roydham 37 M head farm bailiff Thorngumbald Yorkshire
Kate E do 35 M wife   Lelley do
Anne L do 11 S dau   Albrough do
George H do 10   son   Sunk Island do
Thomas W do 8   son   Preston do
John T do 6   son   Marfleet do
Alice M do 4   dau   do do
Kate E do 1   dau   Sandholme do
William Green 21 S servant wagoner on farm Hessle do

115. Westoby Farm

Joseph Precious 45 M head farmer Sandholme Yorkshire
Annie E do 46 M wife   do do
Robert W do 15 S son   do do
Phoebe H do 8   dau   do do

116. H&B Cottage

Robert W Tyreman 31 M head railway signalman Grossmont Yorkshire
Edith E do 27 M wife   Balne do
John J do 6   son   Heck do
William H do 4   son   Sandholme do
Jane A do 2   dau   do do
Edith E do 6m   dau   do do

117. Chapel House

Elizabeth Overend 58 S head living on own means Sandholme Yorkshire

118. Newland

Edwin Lancaster 46 M head farmer Eastrington Yorkshire
Esther M do 36 M wife   Goxhill Lincolnshire
Arthur P do 13 S son   Newland Yorkshire
Esther J do 2   dau   do do
Thomas G Edwards 19 S servant carter on farm Guisbro' do
Sarah Ligg 19 S servant general servant domestic Garthorpe do

119. Newland

Woodhall Harrison 71 M head farm labourer Scalby Yorkshire
Harriet do 68 M wife   Laxton do

End of the civil parish of Eastrington

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