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Eastrington Families in the 19th Century




The village of Eastrington saw many changes during the nineteenth century, some of which happened to every village in England and others which were unique to Eastrington. The links from this page trace some of the families who feature in village history from 1800-1900 and try to identify the background of some of those who still live in the village today.

Many changes, not all for the good, took place in the lives of the farmers of Eastrington in the nineteenth century. Enclosure of the open fields around the village altered the face of the land but there were tremendous rises and falls in farming prices during the century as well as changes in farming methods and tools. Very few of the families who owned and tilled the land around the village in 1800 were still represented in Eastrington in 1900.

There are details on the farming families page about families who were granted land at enclosure in 1813 but for various reasons did not continue as farmers through the generations (Nurse, Batty, Horsley), about families who moved into the village but then couldn't pay the rent or had no descendants who wanted to farm (Norwood, Stogdale, Vause), and about families who came to Eastrington in the nineteenth century and whose descendants still remain in the village or in the nearby area today (Scutt, Shaw, Goundrill).

And although many village people were involved in farm work and, later in the century, working on the railways, Eastrington in the nineteenth and early years of the twentieth century also supported several traditional trades. Most of the population relied on village shopkeepers to provide for their everyday needs, although many people no doubt paid regular Saturday visits to Howden market. Of course some tradespeople combined two or three different jobs such as farming and butchering (Lilley and Holmes families) or farming and blacksmithing (Ainley), while women often worked at home as dressmakers. There were several men making a living as shoemakers and tailors (Eccles, Pashley, Collins, Wilson, Ellis, Ward, Young and Hill) and the village also supported another blacksmith (Pittock and Mays families]) wheelwrights (Thompsons) and several shopkeepers (Belt, Jipson, Barrow). Their details can be found on the tradespeople page, which has links to separate pages for the Ainley, Nurse and Pittock families.

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